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“Stay Wild, Moon Child...
I will shine my full silver light on your path, Moon child. Trust your intuition and follow your dreams. When I go dark, go within and tend to yourself, set your goals and release what no longer serves. When I come out of the shadow
Moon child, go, be brave, and to yourself stay wild and true.”

Welcome to Moon Child Remedies, your premier destination for all your
Crystal and Spiritual needs.

We carry Crystal Remedies and more for your Body, Mind and Soul. 

Moon Child has a beautiful assortment of over 150 different pocket stones, large crystals pieces, boxed specimens,  and small and large geodes  handpicked and imported from destinations all over the world. 
As crystals come from the earth, it was so important  that I keep that integrity to create Moon Child with the very same earthy elements.
Inside , you will see that almost none of the furniture is store bought.  Our famous Live Edge Crystal Table and our 13 Foot Live Edge Sage and Incense Bar along with all our shelving , has been milled from a historic tree that had a plaque on it from the 1700's.

Details like a Buddha waterfall, soft relaxing music and even the smell of all the amazing incense was so important to create a beautiful  and peaceful feel,
to enhance your shopping experience . 
In addition, we have a beautiful reading library
in our Zen Den,  stocked with
Angel Oracle cards and Tarot cards along with
fabulous books to hep you on your spiritual journey. 
We  also carry  a beautiful line of gemstone candles , Jewelry that is encrusted with crystals,  and amazing spiritual and inspiring gifts .

So stop in , say hello, and always remember at
Moon Child,   Kind Is Free

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