Butterfly Kisses with Gabby Medium Night SOLD OUT
Seeing spirit at the age of 8 years old, Gabby's Mom took her to the famed Pat Longo who is very well known in the Psychic Medium and Healing Community to help Gabby with her severe anxiety and learn how to develop and use her gifts.
Now 21, Gabby is thriving in her own Psychic Medium practice and uses her unique gifts in the way that she reads, for healing messages from the other side.
Seated Gallery style, the evening is intimate, small and everyone will be leaving with a beautiful reading from her. 

Thursday June 2 7:30- 9:15 Exchange $60 
I accept Venmo, Cash ( always welcome ) or purchase tickets on this web site

For More Info (516) 725-0930


New To Moon Child - Tarot Readings !

Tina-Paige Noon is an intuitive & tarot card reader. Tina utilizes her gifts by tuning into your energy and translating messages through the Art of Cartomancy, also known as Tarot Reading. A proclaimed "mirror" to her clients; Tina receives and reflects sacred information about her clients (and herself) during her readings. Tina offers compassion and gentle guidance while shining a light on areas of uncertainty in our lives. This "spotlight" gifts us with the self-awareness and clarity needed to make forward movement in alignment with our highest good. 

Call or Text Tina to Book a Reading 


Psychic Medium Readings 

Moon Child works with many different mediums and connecting with their energy is key for a beautiful reading. Here are a few that I recommend :

Readings by Gabby, email readingsbygabby222@gmail.com

The Inked Medium- Gina Versace Fiore (516) 605-2450

Danielle Anatra (zoom and phone sessions only) -www.danielleanatra.com

Psychic Beth (516) 643-3051

Teresa The Music Medium (516) 353-2520

Shelby May (516) 209-0594

Astrology Readings with Aislinn via Zoom or Phone

Aislinn offers both Natal and Progressed Astrological charts with a written explanation , along with a 15 minute in person explanation of the chart to help you better understand the insights. A natal chart explains the positions of the planets at the time and the place of your birth, and is used as a blueprint of the soul; whereas a progressed chart shows how the planets have moved along your natal chart and what their influences are under those circumstances now. It is recommended that you either begin with a natal chart reading or have a basic understanding of astrology before you have your chart done ! 

For more information please call : (516) 574-3373

Crystal Relax and Renew Facial with Jackie 

Featured in the back of our building ,we are now doing theee most amazing 

Crystal Facials with JDN Cosmetics ! Jackie is a licensed esthetician and make up artist with years of experience.   

Relaxing in a calm and peaceful environment and after getting a fabulous facial,  Jackie will place certain types of crystals on your face and body for different aspects of relaxing and renewing .

Treat yourself for an unforgettable and unique experience. 

Get $10 off when you call and use the code " YOU ROCK "

For more information, please call : Jackie at (516) 241-6843 or click this link for more information : https://jdncosmetics.com/

NEW !! Healing and Home Clearing with Justine

Just like ourselves, our homes need TLC healing as well.

Truth be told,  if our spaces that we spend so much time in are not cleansed and filled  with beautiful loving energy, how can feel well , cleared and healed ? 

Justine uses her intuitive guidance to cleanse your home, work or any space that might need a cleansing.

Perfect gift for a new home owner, or for your own space when you might feel that the energy needs a deep cleanse. 

Justine (516) 589-4182