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Private one on one or group Medium Readings with Danielle

Danielle Anatra is a Medium and Spiritual Mentor. As a child , she would unknowingly experience spirit. Around the age of 27, trauma within her family brought spirit out in a way so strong ,that it couldn’t be ignored.

Very shortly into her journey she realized that this wasn’t just something she could do, she realized that this is who she was !

To book an appointment , you can click the following link :


Astrology Readings with Aislinn via Zoom or Phone

Aislinn offers both Natal and Progressed Astrological charts with a written explanation , along with a 15 minute in person explanation of the chart to help you better understand the insights. A natal chart explains the positions of the planets at the time and the place of your birth, and is used as a blueprint of the soul; whereas a progressed chart shows how the planets have moved along your natal chart and what their influences are under those circumstances now. It is recommended that you either begin with a natal chart reading or have a basic understanding of astrology before you have your chart done ! 

For more information please call : (516) 574-3373

Crystal Relax and Renew Facial with Jackie 

Featured in the back of our building ,we are now doing theee most amazing 

Crystal Facials with JDN Cosmetics ! Jackie is a licensed esthetician and make up artist with years of experience.   

Relaxing in a calm and peaceful environment and after getting a fabulous facial,  Jackie will place certain types of crystals on your face and body for different aspects of relaxing and renewing .

Treat yourself for an unforgettable and unique experience. 

Get $10 off when you call and use the code " YOU ROCK "

For more information, please call : Jackie at (516) 241-6843 or click this link for more information : https://jdncosmetics.com/

Energy Clearings/Reiki Session with Dawn R

Our chakras are energy centers located in the subtle or energetic body. Each chakra represents an aspect of the human experience and includes both a shadow and light side. When the chakras are out of balance, pain blocks the flow of energy through the chakra system and we run the risk of trapping pain in areas of our body that can manifest as emotional and physical stress. In other words, when we are stuck emotionally, energy gets confined and cannot circulate or run its course.

Energy Clearings help move and release that energy to make you feel aligned again. They are deeply healing and if you have never had one before, you don't want to miss out on a truly blessed experience. 

Please Text Dawn at (516) 586-4364


Coming Soon :

Master Reiki Class January 2022 , Date to be announced 

Psychic Medium Night 
Thursday Feb 24, 2022 7:30-9 with Q & A afterwards

Tickets go on sale in January. For more info or to be put on the wait list as they sell out fast, e mail me , moonchildremedies@gmail.com