List of Upcoming Events at Moon Child

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There will be no large events during the month of December

as we get through the Holiday Season. 


Coming IN January2021 :



Foundations of Astrology with Theresa Mariesa

Part 2

Morning Meditation

Moon Rituals

Reiki Level 1

 Always at Moon Child :


Astrology Readings with Aislinn

Aislinn offers both Natal and Progressed Astrological charts with a written explanation , along with a 15 minute in person explanation of the chart to help you better understand the insights. A natal chart explains the positions of the planets at the time and the place of your birth, and is used as a blueprint of the soul; whereas a progressed chart shows how the planets have moved along your natal chart and what their influences are under those circumstances now. It is recommended that you either begin with a natal chart reading or have a basic understanding of astrology before you have your chart done ! 

Natal Chart reading $50

Progressed chart reading $75

Natal and progressed Chart Reading $100

Readings with Beth

One of the first students of Psychic Gina Simone, Beth has had years of experience in delivering messages for your past, present and future. 

every  Friday from 4:30-6

* by appointment only-

30 minutes $45 60 minutes $75

Ask me about our new Crystal Relax and Renew Facials !!!

Featured in the back of our building ,we are now doing theee most amazing 

Crystal Facials with JDN Cosmetics ! For more info, please call Jackie at (516) 241-6843


*Want to book a girls /guys night out ? Forget a Tupperware Party ! Ask me about hosting your own Psychic Night or Crystal Party  !

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